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Additional Services Included in Per Diem

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Mindfulness Intake Assessment
The Sheltering Tree has several members who have certification and experience in mindfulness based practices. We recognize the stress and anxieties that derive from being taken out of a familiar environment and being placed in new unfamiliar surroundings. The Sheltering Tree’s aim is to provide a non intrusive Mindfulness Intake Assessment for all members upon placement to gain additional insight and knowledge of what physical surroundings will assist in easing the child/youth’s transition. In addition, a tailored non-intrusive Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program can also be developed for the child/youth to partake in if they should choose to participate.

Naturopathic Wellness Exam
A Naturopathic Wellness Exam will be provided by Licensed Peterborough Naturopath, Dr. Brenda Tapp. This is available to all children and youth who have been enrolled in the program for over 3 months. This will involve a nutrition and lifestyle assessment and counseling. The primary purpose of this visit will be to ensure the children and youth are receiving adequate vitamins and minerals in their diets for optimum health. The visit will also provide a review of medications and suggestions as to how to naturally reduce medications if possible, or alternatively, how to alleviate the side effects of the medications.

Group or 1:1 Counseling (For Foster Parents and Child/Youth)
One-to-one or group counselling will aim at assisting The Sheltering Tree’s members, natural families and biological families to understand and overcome or manage personal problems, such as difficulties in relationships, anger, conflict resolution, trauma, abuse, bereavement, separation, loss and addiction. Counselling and Therapy will take place by certified professionals and be tailored to the needs of the individual or group coinciding with the Foster Plan of Care.

Art Therapy Assessment

Art Therapy Assessment is comprised of two 1-hour sessions and a 1-hour session focusing on feedback to discuss findings and treatment options. This can help assist and assess emotional conflict, reclaiming memories and experiences, promoting self awareness and personal growth. The arts and verbal processes work together empowering clients to visualize and activate a treatment plan that resolves problems, issues or conflicts.

Clinical Case Consult and Review (By a Therapist or Psychologist)
Select Cases will be studied and reviewed quarterly by a therapist or clinical psychologist. A case will be presented to Foster Parents, members of the Sheltering Tree, Case Managers and Placing Agency Workers.  Our therapists and psychologists are also available to consult on the Foster Plan of Care when requested, needed or recommended.

Access to a local MD if the Child/Youth does not currently have a doctor
A local medical doctor, Dr. Sarah Belanger has agreed become the primary care provider for any children and youth who do not currently have a doctor. She will take on new patients until she has reached her practice capacity, in which case she will make every effort possible to transfer additional children and youth to some of her colleagues for care.

Nursing Support
A RN or RPN will provide consultations, education and be available to collaborate on any child/youth’s Foster Plan of Care. All member of The Sheltering Tree will be able to call upon the expertise and guidance of our Nursing Support Role for advice, medication questions, support, assistance, or education. This role will also provide any training required for medically complex care, medical diagnosis or treatments required for the child/youth.

Daniel's Institute Life Skills Assessment
This is a valuable, comprehensive tool that can be used to assess life skills and produce a detailed skills plan based on the results of this assessment. The skills plan will focus on goals and specific strategies that for life skills training in up to 16 different categories ranging from money management, employment, and personal care/health. This assessment will help shape and inform the Sprouts Programming to support individual and group needs.

Support Packages
All children/youth in the program are eligible for the support packages. Depending on the program level of care, this support may come in the form of 1:1 support, group support or internal programming support.

All children in the program receive respite. They receive 2 days a month, and 2 emergency days a year.

YMCA Memberships
Every child and youth who enters our program receives a membership to their local YMCA. This includes use of pools, gymnasiums, and all resources involved with a regular membership.