Northern Ontario Resources

We have several homes available for children in need in Northern, ON areas such as Sudbury, North Bay, New Liskeard and some other small communities in between.  Please see a few of the resources available below.  For more information please contact the main office 705-743-5689.

1.  Located in a family friendly area this foster home consists of a single male care provider.  This present home has two open beds.  This care provider values open and honest communication.  This treatment foster parent identifies a preference to working with youth who are at-risk or are in conflict with the law.  The care provider seeks to develop rapport through relational communication, including setting and respecting boundaries of self and the child or youth.  PRIDE training and SAFE home study have been completed. 

2.  Located in a family friendly neighbourhood, this treatment foster family consists of a married couple with two natal children, a daughter and a son.  This home currently has two beds available.  The foster mother is a registered nurse who wished to move into treatment foster care to provide more individualized care to a child or youth.  The foster father grew up in Poland, and immigrated to Canada in his early 20's.  The family practices cultural diversity by sharing in both the foster father's Polish traditions, as well as those of the foster mothers.  This foster family expresses a passion to provide therapeutic care to children and youth in need.  PRIDE training and SAFE home study have been completed. 

For more information on these or other resources available please contact the main office at 705-743-5689

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