Establishing deep roots in the lives for which we care

This program was developed for teenagers and young adults 16yrs or older. Just as a tree needs deep healthy roots, this program was designed to establish healthy roots in individuals who are transitioning to adult services or have chosen to move out on their own.  This program will assist in the transition to adult services care and independence through it's relationships with transitional aged youth programs in the individuals community.  

In order to prepare these individuals for exiting their programs, individuals will begin the program six months prior to their exit. One of The Sheltering Tree's professional members will provide on-site visits at 2, 6, 12 and 24 weeks after leaving The Sheltering Tree. The last on-site visit will take place at 1 year. 

Verbal support and information will be given on such topics as applying for a job, budgeting, health, well-being, nutrition, local resources and educational services. Those who wish to take part in this program will have full access to our facility, referred to as the "The Tree House" , and all resources within including 1:1 counseling with Sheltering Tree personnel. The Treehouse is a safe refuge where these individuals can drop in for a cooking lesson, sit and have a coffee or just spend some time with a familiar, welcoming adult.

All Sheltering Tree members are able to take part in this program if they are 16+ years and are transitioning to adult services or out on Independant Living.  All external applicants are welcome for the applicable fees associated with the program. 

Please note for all applicants the Roots Program must begin six months prior to independance to develop strong roots.

Roots Program


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