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Registration for 2017 Seedling Program will open January 2017

This program symbolizes the need to establish a strong educational base. Like a seedling, if the base is not properly nurtured, it will not thrive. The Seedlings Program is offered to all ages and will take place for two weeks during the summer months. It was developed, in consultation with board teachers and E.A.'s., to assist children in preparing for the new school year. The main focus will be to support reading, writing and math skills. Seedlings will also work on essential skills such as pencil grip, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and motor planning. Additionally, classroom coping skills, peer relationships, and anxieties surrounding entering the classroom setting will be addressed, with the ultimate goal of assisting in decreasing classroom behaviours and increasing each child's confidence.

All internal members of The Sheltering Tree are able to take part in this program as it is included in the per diem services offered.  All external applicants are welcome for the applicable fees associated with the program. 

If you would like more information on this or any other program The Sheltering Tree offers please contact the main office at 705-743-5689 or

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Seedlings Program